The N.C. Department of Transportation oversees programs that enhance safety, protect the environment and improve North Carolina’s overall quality of life. From helping keep the state’s roadways litter free to overseeing numerous safety campaigns, NCDOT is committed to making North Carolina a better place to live, work and visit.

NCDOT Programs
Environmental Programs
Environmental stewardship is a key area of importance for NCDOT as it builds and maintains North Carolina’s transportation infrastructure. From protecting fragile ecosystems to reducing roadside litter, NCDOT’s Environmental Programs strive to protect the environment and preserve the state’s precious natural resources.
Local Programs Management Office
The Local Programs Management Office (LPMO) provides a variety of services to local governments as they engage with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). The primary purpose of the LPMO is to establish policy and procedures for those projects that are administered by a Local Government Agency (LGA). NCDOT passes through federal and/or state funds to LGAs, in order to implement a project, program or study. Federal funds come primarily through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). State funds are appropriated by the NC General Assembly.
Safety Programs
Safety remains NCDOT’s top priority. From highway safety improvements to campaigns educating travelers about important safety issues, the department oversees numerous Safety Programs to improve safety on the state’s transportation system.
State Street-Aid (Powell Bill) Program
State Street-Aid (Powell Bill) allocations are made to incorporated municipalities which establish their eligibility and qualify per North Carolina General Statute 136-41.1 through 136-41.4.