Driver Information

Driving through the Triangle and areas surrounding the Fortify project will take some planning on your part. Here, we've consolidated all the information you might need to make your commute easier.

Roadside Assistance


NCDOT State Farm® Safety Patrol is a free service that provides roadside assistance to stranded motorists and also clears roadways to help keep traffic flowing smoothly. Safety Patrol trucks are ready to address most traffic-related problems and are equipped with specialized tools, including:

  • Traffic control devices to warn motorists of impending hazards, such as lighted arrow boards and other warning lights, traffic cones and air horns
  • Gasoline, water, air pumps, jumper cables, vehicle jacks and other tools to quickly aid stranded motorists
  • Specially-designed push bumpers and winches to aid in clearing travel lanes of disabled vehicles and debris

If you are stranded and need assistance, dial *HP from your mobile phone.

Commuting Strategies

By planning out your trip and applying some strategies to your commute, you can help us reach our goal of reducing traffic through the Fortify project by 30,000 vehicles each day.

Beat the Traffic

Beat the Traffic appDownload the App: Beat the Traffic

  • Get text or phone alerts on your routes
  • iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Tablet devices


Waze - Outsmarting traffic, together

Motorists share their real-time commute experiences, giving you a virtual “heads up” on potential delays.