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Testimonials, The Right Decision

Let a few of our current employees tell you why they decided on a career in the N.C. Department of Transportation.

testimonial image Angie Ayscue,
Financial Management Division

I began my employment with the North Carolina Department of Transportation in June of 1990. My career with the department has afforded me wonderful promotional opportunities and provided a challenging work environment, allowing me to grow in my professional career. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people and have formed some great working relationships across the state and country. My co-workers are dedicated, hard-working individuals who take pride in their work. As manager of the Federal Funds Unit, I have been involved in the financial implementation of strategic and innovative finance programs. As a wife and mother of two children, I have found that my employment with NCDOT has ensured a very nice balance between work and family life. I am very proud to be a part of the NCDOT work force, as the department continues to strive and set goals to make it an even better place to work.

testimonial image Kenneth Bergman,
Information Technology

I work at NCDOT for many many reasons. The first reason is that NCDOT is a dynamic organization that has customer service as its primary goal. As Director of Application Development for the Division of Motor Vehicles, I know that the work we do is making our state a safer and more user friendly place to live. Secondly, I enjoy challenges. The NCDOT and DMV are challenged with a tremendous increase in demand for our services, and rising to this challenge in the most effective manner is a real growth opportunity for me personally. We can't do things the way we used to do them. We need to be creative and "think outside the box". Last but not least, it's the people. We have a large number of well educated and dedicated people that are just great to work with. I have worked at another large state agency, and there is no comparison. We get a lot done!

testimonial image Samantha J. Bishop,
Transportation Worker

If you like the idea of working in the great outdoors and accepting new challenges everyday, you will enjoy being a Transportation Worker. I love the fact that I'm not stuck in a routine 9-to-6 office-life existence. There are several more benefits that make my job very rewarding, such as the fact that the state offers a skill-based pay system. I have some control over what I earn just by learning new skills that can also benefit me outside of work. The satisfaction I get after clearing the highway of snow or debris so the public can get back to business is wonderful. I would recommend this job to anyone who likes to learn new skills, make more money, and be a part of the State Highway System. I enjoy my job greatly and truly like the people I work with everyday.

testimonial image Nicole Burris,
Communications Office

As Deputy Director of the Communications Office I help manage an office with 27 staff members, which includes communications officers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers and customer service representatives. Our office oversees media relations, information programs, special events and customer service for the department. I began working with the Communications Office 11 years ago as a Communications Officer. Over the years, I have been afforded numerous opportunities for career growth that have helped me gain the knowledge and experience to be promoted to my current position. Few organizations touch so many lives each and every day as does the Department of Transportation. Whether it is to go to work, a doctor’s appointment, school or even the grocery store, citizens depend on the state’s transportation system everyday to get where they’re going. I am proud to be a member of the NCDOT team and work alongside dedicated professionals who take great pride in the services they provide for the citizens of North Carolina.

testimonial image Jennifer Fuller,
Aviation Unit

In the 16 years I have been with the department, the most rewarding aspect of my job has been, and continues to be, meeting the people we serve, the citizens of North Carolina.

Though based in Raleigh, my travels have taken me all over our state and allowed me to meet some of the most wonderful folks. I find great joy in helping our customers find their way through our complex organization in order to get the information they need. I enjoy visiting the communities NCDOT serves and learning about how regions of North Carolina can be so similar, for example our beautiful fall foliage, and yet so different, for example our tastes in barbecue!

The outstanding people I have worked alongside within the department have also been a highlight of my career. The DOT family is a talented and dedicated group who project an energy that is contagious. NCDOT just feels like home and it always has.

testimonial image Tamela Gilbert,
Human Resources

I enjoy working at the North Carolina Department of Transportation because of the people that I work with. The individuals I come in contact with on a daily basis have positive "can do" attitudes and really work together to get the job done. NCDOT has a strong commitment to providing the public with excellent service and it is reflective in our employees. NCDOT also offers opportunities for growth and development which I have personally benefited from. I am constantly challenged as a Personnel Analyst and also able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
NCDOT -- Great People, Great Service, Great Place!

testimonial image Cheryl A. Macon,
Division of Highways

I have worked in state government for a total of 23 years+ and have enjoyed many facets of each year. Over the years I have worked in several agencies but in the last 15 years I have been with NCDOT. Most of my friends and some family members have worked for the state and some are retired. State government offers its employees a future to be proud of and, most important, a future with insurance and a good retirement if you reach your goals.

testimonial image Reuben E. Moore, PE,
Division of Highways

I manage three work units with about 150 employees, and wear several other "hats" (administrative and technical responsibilities not directly related to managing personnel). Knowing of my strong interest in multimodalism, specifically bicycle and pedestrian transportation, my supervisor has allowed me to be the division's point of contact for many bike-ped issues we have. I meet with municipal planners, elected officials, MPO/RPO coordinators, school officials and internal division staff to investigate the feasibility and constructability of sidewalks, multi-use trails, bike facilities, and Safe Routes to School proposals. When I was in the Air Force, I was taught the importance of "redundant systems," which means you make sure you have more than one way to accomplish a mission. With gasoline recently costing more than $4 a gallon, the demand for alternative transportation choices increased, and many people have found they have no choice but to drive their cars. My NCDOT is committed to providing excellent highway facilities that embrace multimodalism, and, in my job, I get to work on plans and designs that provide for pedestrians and bicyclists.

testimonial image Arthur H. Petteway, PE,
Rail Division

It was once said that "variety is the very spice of life." While working for a major railroad company prior to coming to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), engineering opportunities became very narrow and limited as the company was downsizing. As I searched for other opportunities to "add some spice to my life," NCDOT fit with my professional career goals and aspirations. I became part of this organization in 1988.

I enjoy working for NCDOT because it has given me the flexibility and opportunity to gain a variety of diverse engineering experiences such as traffic engineering, highway bridge design and highway construction coordination. Work here has allowed me to expand my railroad engineering knowledge while continually enhancing my professional life. Presently as the Engineering Services Manager with the Rail Division, I am able to apply the knowledge I have gained from these experiences in the performance of my present job. I find my present job quite challenging but manage to balance both work and family life. On a personal level, NCDOT has given me, as a public servant, the opportunity to impact the safety and quality of life of the people not only in my community but throughout the state of North Carolina. Making NCDOT a career choice is a decision I would recommend you highly consider.

testimonial image Foster Vestal, Jr.,
Information Technology

As an application developer and analyst, I collaborate directly with users in the field. Becoming someone that those users "trust" to get the job done creates a positive experience for both the user community in the NCDOT organization and myself.

The construction and maintenance of our state roads is a dynamic and sometimes stressful task. When we, though the use of technology, can eliminate some of that stress through solid service, it's certainly a "win-win" for all parties involved. The sound of relief in a client's voice when they get the answers they need makes all the challenges worthwhile. It's that type of teamwork, by all parties involved in the NCDOT family, that facilitates accomplishment and an area's expansion.

We've come to know that good roads are essential to a community's growth. Being involved with that constructive growth allows me to bring added value and a direct, positive impact to my community and others. I'm proud to be a part of that!

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