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Attracting and retaining great employees is a priority at NCDOT. Research has shown that employees join an organization for the rewards and career opportunities but stay for the people and organization. That’s why NCDOT has renewed its efforts to enrich development opportunities and job interest alignment, and that's why respect for employees is a part of our culture, the way we do business.

Some of the efforts that NCDOT employs to promote employee commitment and to reduce costly turnover are to:

  • Embrace a performance culture;
  • Offer a broad range of development opportunities;
  • Maintain quality management;
  • Respect employees and have confidence in their abilities;
  • Help employees prepare for future NCDOT career opportunities;
  • Keep job interest high;
  • Exhibit ethical practices; and
  • Continuously strive to be a great place to work.

And, finally, NCDOT realizes that there’s more to life than a job. Work must be balanced with the other important areas of life through a flexibility that allows both the employee and NCDOT to thrive.

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