Nick Tennyson - Chief Deputy Secretary

Nick Tennyson's role combines the two previous Chief Deputy Secretary positions to provide stronger oversight and integration across all NCDOT operational and support functions. He previously served as Chief Deputy Secretary of Support and has also served as Interim Chief Deputy Secretary of Operations since Jim Trogdon retired in October 2013. Tennyson also served as interim NCDMV Commissioner for three months. He is a valuable leader in the areas of strategic planning, information technology, fiscal and intergovernmental affairs.

He served four years as mayor of Durham, from 1997-2001 and co-founded the Metropolitan Coalition of Mayors with Gov. Pat McCrory, then mayor of Charlotte, and former Chapel Hill Mayor Rosemary Waldorf. Prior to joining the Department of Transportation, Mr. Tennyson was executive vice-president for the Home Builders Association of Durham, Orange and Chatham Counties. Tennyson also worked as vice-president of government relations for the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce and served as executive director of Triangle Advocates for Citizens of Tomorrow Inc. Before that, he was a home builder and developer.

Mr. Tennyson has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Duke University and Master of Arts in Human Resources Management from Pepperdine University.